Please Help?

Donate an instrument to a great cause!

This is Louis Sanchez. His father (Martin Sanchez) is a very good friend of mine from Zaragoza, Mexico. With help from family and friends they have hand built the first school for kids with special needs in the entire region. Something that did not exist in this impoverished area until now. But they need more!! Your simple donation of a used instrument or a few dollars will bring joy to kids that have so little yet are so filled with love.

A used acoustic guitar, a set of maracas, bongos, a harmonica... anything simple the kids can play and enjoy, we’ll take care of the rest. As you can see in the photos, they’ve gotten some great instruments to play and learn on so far.

Plus if you have nothing to send as an instrument, a check for a few dollars will help them buy an air conditioner, books, a computer, school supplies, or gas for the bus which must carry some kids 30+ miles a day to and from the school.

Thank you, if you have any questions please call me 212-489-6630

Joe Menza

Please send any donations or checks made out to:

Martin Sanchez

Post Mail Box #5

540 South Bibb Ave.

Eagle Pass, Texas 78852

(Martin will cash the checks in US dollars and convert them to Mexican Pesos for school use)

These photos of the students and staff where taken April 30th, 2014 which celebrated “Children’s Day” in Mexico, a national holiday. The kids are so into music, they sang and danced all afternoon. We were deeply touched to see how hard these people have worked to create this school, and how the students finally have a place to go and learn.

Please give anything you can, they really need it and your donations will go directly to the school and children. The school is almost entirely funded by donations. If you send a dollar... that dollar will go in the school bus tank or buy pencils and crayons. If you send a kazoo, Louis and his buddies will play it.

Thanks again


Martin holds a check from Southside Guitars.

(Thanks to the brothers)